Professional Collaborations

We currently have active collaborations with scientists from other universities and agencies in the USA and other countries and are interested in promoting additional research relationships. Scientists interested in research collaborations during their sabbatical leaves, through fellowships (e.g., Fulbright), or at other times and circumstances are encouraged to contact Jim Thorp to open a dialogue.

Post-Doctoral Positions

We have abundant research questions for post-doctoral fellows in our program, but funding is dependent on grants either to Jim or directly to the post-doc from NSF or another agency in the USA or abroad. At the present time, we do not have support for new post-docs, but we would be happy to discuss opportunities … Continue reading Post-Doctoral Positions

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Research opportunities for undergraduates take many forms and are funded (or unfunded) in many ways. Students may work on semi-independent research projects with federal support (e.g., NSF’s REU program) or with no financial support but with the benefit of gaining college credit. Many other less-independent opportunities for gaining research training come through employment in labs … Continue reading Undergraduate Research Opportunities