Lab Members

James H. Thorp

Welcome to the Research and Teaching Programs of Prof. James H. Thorp   Thank you for taking the time to investigate my teaching and research activities at the University of Kansas. Below are some sections addressing these topics in a general way. More detailed information in some cases is available elsewhere on our lab website. … Continue reading James H. Thorp

Graduate Students

Research opportunities are open on a continuing basis for students seeking Masters or Doctoral degree in aquatic ecology (fundamental ecological questions) and freshwater environmental biology (more applied research questions). If you’re interested in discussing a graduate program in my lab after reviewing my research interests and graduate student philosophy and if you believe you have … Continue reading Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates work in our program for short-term projects (as little as a day or two of field help) through projects lasting a semester or more. Most students work with us during the field season (~May-September). Some are supported by research grants as a technician, others by occasional government student research programs (e.g., NSF’s Research Experience … Continue reading Undergraduate Students