Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates work in our program for short-term projects (as little as a day or two of field help) through projects lasting a semester or more. Most students work with us during the field season (~May-September). Some are supported by research grants as a technician, others by occasional government student research programs (e.g., NSF’s Research Experience for Undergraduates), and others work for free for the research experience. In the last case, students may receive credit from KU or they may just be here for the research knowledge they gain. In many cases, undergraduates work directly for the graduate students on their masters or doctoral research projects.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Research opportunities for undergraduates take many forms and are funded (or unfunded) in many ways. Students may work on semi-independent research projects with federal support (e.g., NSF’s REU program) or with no financial support but with the benefit of gaining college credit. Many other less-independent opportunities for gaining research training come through employment in labs … Continue reading Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Tracey Funk

Email: trfunk9@ku.edu Hometown: Topeka, KS Year: Junior Major: Biology (Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology) Research Interests: Macroinvertebrate food web ecology​

Forest Kinsey

Email: fkinsey@ku.edu Hometown: Prairie Village, Kansas Education: EEOB Research Interests: Conservation, Behavioral Ecology, Ornithology  

Tamara Tyner

Email: tltyner@ku.edu Hometown: Hartford, KS Year: Senior Major: Organismal Biology with an Anthropology minor Research Interests: Currently I’m doing Stable Isotopes in an Aquatic Food web, but I’m more interested in Stable Isotopes and their application in a forensic setting